Long-term and dependable capital

In addition to safer pensions, our investors contribute directly to the development of a more sustainable and stronger society through our investments

Investors with an interest in society

In addition to safer pensions, our investors contribute directly to the development of a more sustainable and stronger society through our investments. It is exciting to invest in infrastructure for millions of Nordic pensioners, contributing to both their safer pensions tomorrow and immediate daily-life improvements by providing access to better infrastructure today. Some of our investors are presented below.

Folksam is a Swedish mutual insurance and pension company where almost every other Swede is insured. Folksam manages approximately SEK 449 billion.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the long-term lending institution in the EU and is owned by its member countries. The EIB invests capital from the EFSI (”the Juncker Plan”), which aims to stimulate investments for approximately EUR 315 billion.

KPA Pension is a Swedish pension fund for municipal and county employees. It is owned by Folksam, the Swedish municipalities, and county councils (SKL). KPA Pension manages approximately SEK 200 billion.

The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund is a Swedish government pension fund that manages SEK 350 billion.

LähiTapiola is a Finnish insurance and pension company with a strong regional presence that manages approximately EUR 10 billion.

IMAS Foundation is a sister foundation to the INGKA Foundation—the owner of INGKA Group, which in turn owns the majority of IKEA's department stores globally.

Swedish Church Pension Fund is a pension fund for employees and former employees of the Church of Sweden that manages approximately SEK 20 billion.

Keva is Finland’s largest pension provider and it administers the pensions of local government, State, Evangelical Lutheran Church and Kela employees. Keva manages c. EUR 56 billion.

Storebrand is Norway's largest asset manager and a leading player in the Nordic market for long-term savings and insurance. Storebrand manages more than NOK 962 billion.

Safe returns for safe pensions

Our investments help our investors meet their long-term commitments, such as to provide pension to future pensioners. Infrastructure is a very well suited asset class to these pension funds and other institutional investors given its characteristic long economic life-span, risk diversification from listed equities and fixed income and predictable returns.

"Infrastructure is an asset class that has a low correlation with other assets, which contributes to a more efficient portfolio in terms of risk diversification. At the same time, Infranode has a low financial risk as infrastructure assets often involve predictable cash flows. Last but not least, Infranode has a very strong sustainability philosophy that is integrated throughout the investment and ownership phase."

– Carl Cederberg, CEO Kyrkans pension (Januari 2021)

"We are very happy to invest in Infranode because it allows us to increase our exposure to infrastructure. We engage in infrastructure investments to ensure continued good returns to our customers. It feels particularly good to cooperate with other long-term and respected co-investors "

– Jens Henriksson, CEO of Folksam (February 2017)

"There is a significant need for investment in the Nordic infrastructure market. At the same time, funding opportunities are limited."

– Jan Vapaavuori, EIB Vice President (February 2017)

"We believe that infrastructure investment, in addition to generating a stable long-term return, is an important way to play an active and responsible role in improving society."

– Petter Odhnoff, Chief Investment Officer at IMAS Foundation (February 2017)

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