Tafjord Connect, leading fibre infrastructure company
in the north-west Norway


Joint ownership in essential digital infrastructure in one of the growing regions in Norway

Tafjord Connect is the leading fibre infrastructure and service provider in Møre and Romsdal and is Infranode’s first fibre investment. In particular, Tafjord Connect is the market leader in Ålesund, the 9th largest city in Norway. This is also where the headquarter is located. 

The company owns 4,100 km of optical fibre infrastructure, which is almost a similar distance as from Ålesund to Paris, and then back again. The fibre infrastructure comprises fibre in the ground, cost efficient fibre lines in the air and technical equipment. 

In July 2022, Tafjord Connect had almost 25,000 private and 1,600 commercial customers. Current offering span from internet and TV to mobile subscriptions through partnership with Telia. The corporate customers are receiving tailored fibre- and telecom solutions directly from Tafjord Connect. 

Infranode owns 49% of Tafjord Connect and the utility group Tafjord Kraft remains the majority owner with 51 % of the shares. Infranode is working actively with the company on various topics and holds two board seats as well as an observer seat. 

Investment date: July 2022

Country: Norway

Sector: Fibre