Steinar Bysveen is a new senior advisor at Infranode

Infranode is growing in Norway with Steinar Bysveen joining as a new senior adviser. 

It was recently announced that Infranode is entering a joint venture to acquire Fortum Oslo Varme. The infrastructure investor is now continuing its growth in Norway and has landed Steinar Bysveen as a new senior advisor. In recent years, Bysveen has held several leading positions in Statkraft, most recently as Executive Vice President for Wind and Solar Power in Europe. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Energi Norge. 

“The need for long-term investments in renewable energy and green infrastructure is greater than ever, so this is an incredibly motivating job. In Infranode, I can use my management and corporate governance expertise to build stronger and more sustainable societies,” says Steinar Bysveen. 

Infranode has a long-term investment horizon of 25 years and invests primarily in sustainable and future-oriented social infrastructure in the Nordic region. Bysveen will mainly contribute with his expertise in energy and green infrastructure. 

“We have been looking for a senior advisor in Norway who can strengthen us in renewable energy and green infrastructure. Steinar contributes solid professionalism and valuable expertise from the power sector. I am sure that he will fit in well with Infranode,” says Erik Botnevik, Infranode Country Manager for Norway. 

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About Infranode 

Infranode is a long-term infrastructure investor with a particular focus on the Nordic countries. Infranode invests in energy, energy distribution, renewable energy, digital infrastructure, transport, and social infrastructure. Infranode has offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Oslo and a strong infrastructure investment team with extensive local and international experience. Infranode has about 1.7 billion euros in committed capital from long-term institutional investors, including some of the most recognized pension funds in the Nordic region. Among the investors are Storebrand, Folksam, the Swedish municipal pension fund KPA Pension, the Finnish public sector pension fund KEVA. 

In Norway, Infranode has holdings in Akershus Energi Varme, Oslofjord Varme, Velfra, and Yilport Oslo, as well as an announced investment in Fortum Oslo Varme.