Hafslund Oslo Celsio is the largest district
heating company in Norway


The largest district heating company in Norway

Hafslund Oslo Celsio is the largest district heating company in Norway, which builds, owns and operates district heating and district cooling networks in Oslo. Annually, it provides c. 1.9 TWh of heat to around 200,000 households within its concession area. This corresponds to a c. 35% national district heating market share. Celsio also holds a 100% stake in Hafslund Fiber, a company that designs and deploys a dark fiber network covering all business districts in Oslo.

At its waste-to-energy CHP plant in Klemetsrud, Celsio is developing a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project with an ambition to capture c. 400 kt of CO2 a year. This is a flagship CCS project for waste incineration globally, and an instrumental component to reach climate goals by both the City of Oslo and Norway as a whole. Considering its profound positive climate impact, the project received significant funding support from the Norwegian government and the City of Oslo, and will use the government-funded project Northern Lights for transportation and storage of the captured carbon.

Hafslund Oslo Celsio is co-owned by a consortium consisting of Infranode, Hafslund Eco and HitecVision.

Investment date: May 2022

Country: Norway

Sector: District heating